Madras Terrace provides a personal touch to Architecture and its Works. 

At the core of Madras Terrace, is Architecture based on Sustainability, providing an Eco-Friendly Environment and making our clients enjoy their living experience.

We specialize in Architecture & Design but also do turnkey project execution that ranges right from approval until handover; therefore making sure that the design & detailing get implemented well.

We are also deeply involved in Redesigning Water Management in Chennai through an initiative called
Water as Leverage executed along with a consortium of experts called City of 1000 Tanks


Incidentally, we also do Interiors, Renovations, as well as do Maintenance for our customers, thus providing a full range of Architectural services as needed.

The principle behind our architecture is in the appropriateness of an idea in relation to its context, and in the evolution of 3-Dimensional Spatial planning through modeling before implementation. This then addresses the key expectations as a holistic part of the design rather than a one drafted on paper, which translates to a successful practice where the team gets well-grounded in their fundamental knowledge of Architecture & its Execution.

This is illustrated in our profile below:

Designing spaces that originate from the clients’ dreams and life styles

Technically simulate & evaluate the design for its safety & stability

With the ability to scale-up to Large Projects

Ensure that the ideas are designed in response to site and its surroundings

Creation of comfortable living spaces with ample amount of lighting and ventilation

Interiors that redefine aesthetics within the budget of the project

Redesigning Urban fabric using Natural Resources to increase Sustainability

We have embarked on a Project called 

‘CITY OF 1,000 TANKS’ which offers a holistic design solution to the problems of Water scarcity, managing Floods and Urban Sanitation by identifying the interrelationships between the underlying causes in the city of Chennai.

Key Aspects of the Project include:

  • Redesign of Temple Tanks

  • Rain Water Harvesting

  • Grey Water Recharge

  • Black Water Recycling

  • Constructed Wetlands

  • Smart Usage of OSR

  • Integration of BioSwales

  • Better management of Storm Water 

  • Renaturalizaed Rivers & Canals

  • Solid Waste Management

Flair for Discovering the Art in the Architecture

Renovation: Transforming the old into the new

Madras Terrace is led by Architects

  • Archana Y, B.Arch., COA / IIA / DTCP / CMDA regd,
    Specializes in combining Creativity with Practical Implementation

  • Shilesh H, M.Sc. (M.Arch), TU-Delft, The Netherlands, COA / IIA / DTCP / CMDA Regd
    Assistant Professor at MEASI Academy of Architecture, with a strong foundation in Architecture

With Business Leadership provided by

  • Sudheendra NK, AMIE (Chartered Engineer), MBA - Strategy & Finance,
    Gold medallist from IIM-Bangalore, with 25+ years of experience and international exposure

  • G Sathya Keerthy, with 25 years of Legal Expertise and Government Liasoning


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