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We believe in the evolution of
3-Dimensional Spatial planning
through modelling that addresses the
Architecture as a holistic part of the design rather than
a one just drafted on paper (with 2 Dimensions)

And we ensure that the Architecture & Design gets translated into executing of the project on a turnkey basis, right from approval till handover; therefore not just producing good designs but also making sure that the design gets implemented well.

Interior Design & Execution

Interior Design of a showroom, office or even a house is not just about a face-lift but handling the important services of electrical and plumbing and ensuring that the lighting, flooring and the carpentry gives appropriate context to the place



Furniture Detail
Suresh Office - Blore (2)
samson tower1 (1)


Renovation is actually Sustainability

It is good for the environment and good for the pocket too. A lot of environmental resources go into demolition and reconstruction. And good renovation is generally possible in 20-40% of the cost of construction. 

Whatever be the situation that some buildings encounter, it is possible to contribute to their correction as well as face-lift or for extending the life of the building.

We have good expertise in it and have corrected many such issues - that has probably made us stronger in our Architecture & Design as well.


across multiple projects

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