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Quality an Integral Part

What would one be willing to pay to avoid a leaking bathroom, a smelly drain outlet, an eroding paint? Do these come with a cost? Absolutely, but with related benefits – thus making Quality as cost already paid for.

Rework costs in construction is high; checking, double-checking will bring down the cost of rework. Plinth height to suit future Road Height, Straight Walls, Plumbing line (esp. Duct line positioning), sufficient Electrical points – each one requires the trained careful eye to catch them early and avoid rework. But that only comes with maturity of the Architect and the team.

Preventive costs upfront are savings down the line, thus making Quality an inevitable part of the Building Construction.

We believe that Quality does not require a premium but a mandate in every work that we do. After all quality should be in-built and not paid for!

Some of the aspects that we insist on:

  • Preparing a 3D model and a walk through before actual work execution

  • Soil Testing before Structural Drawing is prepared

  • Use of Branded Cement

  • Certified Concrete Grade

  • Steel bars as formulated in the Structural Design without compromise

  • Formwork and Shuttering done at 90 Degrees

  • Sufficient curing done for all Concrete Works (such as 21 days extending to 28 days before further loading)

  • Waterproofing in all concrete works

  • Masonry walls built in plumb

  • Provision for required pipes during the casting of the beam to prevent breakage

  • Sunken slab for toilets, balconies and other areas

  • Materials consistently checked for their specifications, quality & quantity

  • Provision of a pipe for AC outlet

  • Fittings like hinges, locks adhering to standards and withstanding wear and tear

  • Technical Depth & Inspection at every stage

You are welcome to experience our quality by visiting our site anytime; and if you have any inputs to improve our quality, we will happy to incorporate them in our implementation too!

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