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Should I Rebuild or Renovate my Building?

We often face this question, especially during the rainy season - should I Rebuild or Renovate my old house?

Most likely - water floods the ground floor or water leaks from the roof. It is really frustrating on both occasions. It is very easy to say, "Just demolish & rebuild like the way our neighbour has done!".

Before making that decision to rebuild in a knee-jerk reaction, it is good to consider if the renovation is feasible. Why? Because it is good for the environment and good for the pocket too. A lot of environmental resources go into demolition and reconstruction. And good renovation is generally possible in 20-40% of the cost of construction. Finally remember, new construction means not just direct costs but there are hidden costs as well, such as new Approval, new Electricity & Sewage connections, Rental and Shifting costs, etc.

Yes, Sure, it is better to rebuild if the building is in a dilapidated condition or there is a need to repurpose the building - but that is not the same as an instant decision.

Here are some things to consider if Renovation is feasible :

  • Is ground floor level more than 1 foot below the road level?

  • Is the ground floor level below the mean level of the stormwater drain?

  • Is the roof leaking in multiple places?

  • Is the weathering course damaged beyond repair?

  • Are the steel rods in the roof corroded beyond 25%?

  • Have Termites eaten the bricks?

  • Are the Toilets on the Ground Floor getting flushed back?

  • Has Rain Water Harvesting been done properly up to the weathered rock and still rain floods the compound?

  • Are the Living areas / Bedrooms leaking?

If the answer is YES for most of the above questions then Rebuild is a better option.

But if the answer is NO for most of them, then just go with Renovation and contribute to the environment and save some money too.

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