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Recycled / Reclaimed Wooden Furniture / Doors & Windows

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

We can be Environment Friendly as much as possible, so instead of using Fresh Wood, we Reclaim Old Wood and Recycle it.

So when we Reclaim and Reuse Old Wood, atleast we indirectly save some trees from being cut afresh. The above is a picture of Old Wood that we collected to make some Furniture. Of course, it is not easy to get the same variety wood when we reclaim wood, they could all be in various shapes, sizes and from different varieties of trees. But the best thing is that they are all seasoned, so one can confidently use it.

The next we need to do is to 'plane' the wood - here we peel off the paint and make them have an even surface. A few millimetres of wood generally goes away as we plane the wood.

The Wood arrive at our Site in bundles where we mix and match similar wood. In fact, we can get Reclaimed Teak too.

The Carpenter makes Furniture out of this Wood

The Painter gives the final touch.

A Good Seasoned Furniture is ready and we are also satisfied that we saved some tree.

Similarly we have given a fresh lease of life to doors and windows too! Plus some decorative items too. A couple of pictures are here below:

If you have read this far, then we hope you will also make an attempt to reclaim old wood and contribute to the Green Environment!

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