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Compact Eco-Friendly House

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

How did we go about designing our favourite house in Adambakam

This is a house designed for a young family in a compact site of 1200 Sq.ft. @ Adambakkam, which included a 30 year old Mango tree and a Well, thereby including natural features of the site into the design. With parents being neighbours, we came up a design integrating the existing and the proposed house by converting the western setback in to a shared lawn with large openings. Being just 200 metres away from Velachery lake, the house was built encompassing a Triple height cut out space that aligned to create max ventilation and lighting through Stack effect. Concrete Cantilevered steps, Seated windows, Openings around the tree and Sloped roof accommodating the tree makes this house a treat to live in.

The below is a pictorial depiction of how we went about the design of this eco-friendly house.

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