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How can we make Demolition as Eco-Friendly as possible

Well that is answer what we were waiting to demonstrate and we got a good opportunity from this eco-sensitive customer.

This customer wanted to built a eco-friendly house as much as possible. So we asked him if he will be happy to have the house demolition also done eco-friendly. And he gave us a free hand.

So we demolished the house using men (and not using a breaker truck). This also gave another advantage that we could retain all the trees and a drinking water well, without disturbing them.

And we segregated all the rubble into bricks and concrete. In parallel, we studied the Soil condition along with our expert and we analyzed where all we could use this rubble and in what capacity, without structurally affecting the new building.

From this analysis we could conclude that this old concrete was good for PCC; and old bricks could be made as brickbat filler materials for raising the plinth height of the building (in combination with GSB). In fact we separated the old concrete like 40mm, 20mm sizes too. And we educated the workers why we were doing this and they also happily contributed to this exercise. Which we successfully did and the decision turned out to be wise one. We almost reused about 80-90% of the demolition rubble in the new building construction, rather foundation.

This gave us a lot of satisfaction. Once the building is built, nobody would perhaps find out what went under the floor of the building, but we know that we contributed our best to Mother Earth!

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